Blissful Cat Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country

April 2006





Sam is currently the oldest cat in the sanctuary. He’s a fun and charming cat. He’s always been the alpha cat, really butting heads with some other cats for the first few years. In the last few years he’s finally calmed down some. He’s always known exactly who he is. He loves cuddles but also likes to knead with his very sharp claws when doing so. Ouch. He likes to come inside for a few hours but then wants back out again. The yard is his domain. Unfortunately, he still likes to spray and mark his territory so I can’t take my eyes off him when he’s in the house. We had a scare when he was 4 and we thought he was going to die. He got hit with acute anemia. The vet gave me some medicine and basically sent him home to die. I laid with him and cuddled him for 4 days around the clock and he got better. The anemia never returned and I’ve been blessed to have him in the family for all this time.

If you would like to help care for Sam and stay up to date on his progress, please subscribe to a Virtual Adoption. You will be sent a username and password so you can check for updated news and photos whenever you like. Subscriptions are $5/month per cat.

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