Blissful Cat Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country

Sept 2008


Mango is mother to Blueberry. They don’t really interact much. Mango is fairly skittish. If you catch her at just the right time she LOVES some pets, especially by her tail. But then it’s like she realizes what she’s doing and takes off. Silly cat. She seems to keep to herself. She likes to hang out on counters and on the tops of doors, of all things. She has been be-quested with a calming collar and it seems to make her more accessible and less afraid of eating with the other cats. She’s one of those cats I don’t see much, but when I do, it’s always nice to know she’s doing okay.

If you would like to help care for Mango and stay up to date on her progress, please subscribe to a Virtual Adoption. You will be sent a username and password so you can check for updated news and photos whenever you like. Subscriptions are $5/month per cat.

If you are interested in adding Mango to your family, please Contact Us.

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