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April 2008





Now this is my very particular kitty. I think she was around 3 when she came to me and she did NOT like other cats. I had her isolated for a while and then slowly let her out into the population. She stayed inside for a long time, but finally made her way outside. It took about 3 years before she was more comfortable with the other cats. But even now, she prefers to stay inside and up on the counters, away from the other cats. That’s why it’s hard to to get pictures of her. I think Hazel would be happy in a home with an individual or a couple, possibly older, with no other animals. She would make a good companion, as she can take care of herself and likes to sit alone, but also likes to be petted and sit in laps when she is ready. She’s very sweet when she’s in an environment where she rules the roost. 🙂

If you would like to help care for Hazel and stay up to date on her progress, please subscribe to a Virtual Adoption. You will be sent a username and password so you can check for updated news and photos whenever you like. Subscriptions are $5/month per cat.

If you are interested in adding Hazel to your family, please Contact Us.

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