Blissful Cat Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country

April 2016

Artemis is part of the last litter I took in. He was very different from his siblings for a long time. All he did was hide in the corner behind a box while everyone played and jumped. I was worried enough about him that I took him to the vet. He was treated for coccidia and got a little bit better, but his personality really stayed the same. He was incredibly introverted. He’s a beautiful Blue Point Siamese like Winky. and also has some tabby in him like Jackson.  When he was big enough to go outside he came out of his shell a little more and is now more interactive and confident. If I catch him while he’s eating, he’ll even let me pet him.

If you would like to help care for Artemis and stay up to date on his progress, please subscribe to a Virtual Adoption. You will be sent a username and password so you can check for updated news and photos whenever you like. Subscriptions are $5/month per cat.

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