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Fairhaven Memorial Park

Fairhaven Memorial Park

Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, CA is one of the most elegant cemeteries in the country. Provide your loved ones with a nice headstone from American Headstones.

Granite headstones for sale

Granite headstones, polished to perfection, add a lasting and beautiful marker. Speckled and striped patterns create truly reverent gravesite, marking the importance of the life that was lost.

These markers can be designed to better fit the personality of the departed. From the elderly to children, veterans to free spirits, we create a product that serves as a beacon for your family.

What types of headstones exist?

The marker you choose for yourself or a loved one will carry through for generations. This is not a light choice.

Granite, marble, and even limestone decorate gravesites. These markers have specific benefits and drawbacks from the ease of sculpting to longevity. Material is often limited by region.

Why should I use a granite headstone?

Granite lasts. While the colors may vary from location to location, they fade less than other rock and never rots. This makes them a perfect solution for the salty seaside air.

These gravestones provide generations of families with a simple and effective marker that can even be carved into more elegant statues and memorials. Granite is used in everything from plaques to mausoleums.

What color granite is available?

Granite colors can vary. We offer twelve different variants of rock to create your memorial from tropical green and red to traditional blacks and greys.

Elegance does not need to be bland either. Our headstones in California contain artistic swooshes and speckles without going overboard.

Can I customize my headstone?

Most companies allow you to create unique statements for yourself and your loved ones. From small icons to color photographs, you can engrave anything.

Bland names and dates simply do not provide context. Capture the essence of the deceased and remind each generation of who someone was.

Build your own gravestone

For anyone looking to embody someone’s spirit, standard designs are not enough. We offer different clip art components to integrate into your headstone.

Develop unique markers using angels, doves, saints, sports themes, and more. Include the perfect design to accompany your heartfelt message. We are ready to help you turn your vision into reality.

Fair priced gravestones in Santa Ana

Death is a serious matter. We believe that headstones should be affordable.

Everyone deserves to be remembered. American Headstones offers a fast and free quote for anyone in Santa Ana.

Where can I find headstones in Santa Ana California?

American Headstones started offering quality grave markers in 1983 with the intent of providing beautiful memorials, carefully crafted for the people they serve.

We make our custom grave markers from long-lasting granite. Customize your message using our clip art or get in contact with us to add a personal touch. A fast and free quote is just a few clicks away.

Visit our website today or get in touch to design a quality headstone in Santa Ana California when looking at a burial plot in Fairhaven Memorial Park.

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