Hello, fellow animal lovers!

Thank you for visiting my website and taking an interest in my sanctuary. Here you can read all about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. You can peruse the gallery of all cats currently at the sanctuary. Soon you’ll be able to read in depth profiles on the cats and find one to virtually adopt! And, as always, you can donate whatever amount you like to help keep us up and running. Be sure to follow the link above to know exactly what your donation pays for. Thank you for your interest and support!

List of the best Cat blogs we know


Katzengeschnurre is a german based blog about cats, health, nutrition and reviews. It is one of the most popular blogs about cats in Germany. You can take a look at the website at www.katzengeschnurre.de


This website helps animals in need. Secondchancefund picks up homeless animals giving them a second chance within familys. To read more about this project visit secondchancefund.org

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